Get Rewarded at Cribbs

Simply download the Cribbs & Me Rewards app from the App Store or Google Play

Time you got a little something back for what you buy? Join Cribbs & Me Rewards today and start earning treats when you shop. And right now you can get yourself a £5 Cribbs gift card when you spend £100! (maximum of one £5 gift card rewarded per transaction over £100)

How can I join?

Simply download the Cribbs & Me app from the App store or Google Play and sign up to Cribbs & Me Rewards. If you have already downloaded the Cribbs & Me app make sure you have the latest version and sign up to Cribbs & Me Rewards.

What is Cribbs & Me?

Cribbs & Me is an app, available for Apple and Android devices, which can be used to find out important information about your visit to Cribbs. As well as information about stores and events, you can also use the app to join Cribbs & Me Rewards, just register your debit card with our secure online provider Spaycial, to start earning rewards when you shop.

How does Cribbs & Me Rewards work?

Once you have registered your debit card with the platform in Cribbs & Me Rewards you will have access to a set of exclusive offers. These offers will change over time but will ultimately reward loyalty with gift card cash-back, exclusive discounts and bespoke experiences. Once you achieve a threshold to unlock an offer this will appear in your app and you will also receive an email notification telling you how to redeem.

Why do I have to link my bank account/debit card?

You can enjoy the Cribbs & Me app, with access to basic information about Cribbs without linking your debit card. However, by linking your credit or debit card details when you connect your bank account, purchases made at Cribbs eligible locations will be accounted for automatically.

Can I collect rewards from other brands’ loyalty schemes on the same purchase?

Yes, you can. Cribbs & Me Rewards is a separate rewards scheme from those operated by individual brands and stores.