Photography Requests

Any activity in The Mall which involves a photographer will require prior approval from the marketing team and the security team will be notified of the details. Please see photography check-list below for further requirements.

The Mall cannot approve in-store photography requests or retail shop-front requests - in these cases, approval needs to come direct from the individual store and this is something the enquirer will have to take responsibility for.

Regular photo-calls are staged at The Mall as part of the centre’s managed relationship with the media.

An up-to-date Public Liability Insurance form to the value of at least £10 million will be required by anyone wishing to photograph within the centre; either during working hours or after the centre closes. A photography ​application form​​​ will need to submitted 7 days before the requested date.​ 

Please note, in some cases the marketing team may ask to see copies of the photographs taken within the centre and may seek permission to use for The Mall’s own publicity needs. Please state whether a photographer’s name will need to be credited for any such future use.